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Clay Heads offers sculptures of the human form expressing a range of emotions and moods. My style has been influenced by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore, various teachers I have had, and the experiences of my journey to this point in my life. Each sculpture is unique and original. The human form has always been the focus of my art - expressed from representational through abstract form - reflecting the importance that interaction has for all of humanity and the complex nature of our emotions as it affects our daily existence.

Over the years I have developed a variety of clay sculpture handbuilding techniques which include slab, coil and pinch methods, as well as a paddle to enhance the final shape. Another method I employ is taking 15-20 lbs. of clay, throwing it onto a mat to form a shape which captures my imagination, then carving it. In the past I have used pit or wood firing to enhance the finished sculpture. At the present time my heads are fired in an electric kiln. Since my preference has always been the natural look, many of my sculptures are not glazed. I either use different colored clays or a technique which I learned many years ago that produces a wood-like finish.

You can also view a sampling of other sculptures and art vases which are original, one-of-a-kind works done in a modern style. Some works on display at art galleries are included here, and I encourage you to visit one of them if you live nearby.

I hope you will enjoy looking through my studio and find in one of my clay heads or other modern sculptures and art vases something you would like to have in your possession as a unique art form.

Hillsborough Ceramic Artists – Please Note:
If you do not have a kiln and need a place to fire your works, please contact me at the phone number listed above. My electric kiln measures 22" high and 24" in diameter. For many years, I was dependent on the assistance of others in getting my work fired. Now that I have acquired my own kiln with the help of a grant by the Hillsborough Council For The Arts, I am happy to help others as I have been helped in the past.


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